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Sabtu, 1 Oktober 2011

[Ebook] From Skinny To Muscular

114 pages
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Jonathan Perez's Skinny To Muscular Program is good basic guide to muscle building and weight gain with a unique workout program that will keep your time in the gym to a minimum. Unlike a lot of the muscle building programs on the market, Jonathan doesn't give you any false impressions about what his Skinny To Muscular program is, it's a 114 page manual plain and simple.

The core of the Skinny To Muscular program is divided into two equally important parts. The first section of the book covers the entire training program and walks you through Jonathan's thought process about what works, and what doesn't. Topics covered include, rep speed, form, negatives, how to warm up, rest periods and sample workouts to perform.

In addition to the workout explanation, Jonathan also gives examples of how to stretch, when to increase weight and what types of exercises are best for each muscle group. The Skinny To Muscular program is different from a lot of the other muscle building programs in the fact that Jonathan suggests a very low volume of sets and reps for each workout. There is a twist to his training that allows maximum muscle stimulation in a minimum number of actual work sets.

Like a lot of other programs, Skinny To Muscular doesn't give you a total step-by-step diet plan to follow, instead Jonathan gives specific instructions about how to cycle calories, how to avoid getting sucked into the "protein myth", and also how to divide and spread your calorie consumption out over the course each workout day and no-workout day.

One of the more interesting diet components of the Skinny To Muscular program is the recommendation to bulk up and eat like a horse to gain muscle mass, then shed the weight to reveal the new muscle that was gained during the bulking phase. You won't see this tactic mentioned in many of the other programs but it does work, that's how the bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno used to do it in the 1960's and it's still effective today.

Recommended for: Beginner to Intermediate, Men and Women, Trainers looking for a basic program that minimizes time in the gym and does not rely on supplements.



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